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please help!!!!

IM always second guessing my doctors anwsers,even my sister is a Rn and other people like pharmitises May be im going thru midlife gitters.My problom is for about a year i get arash on the the sides  of my nose and after i apply a skin moisturizer some with zinc oxide, it goes away .My DR  and every body else said  this is not lupus and alupupus rash would not go away with skin moisturizer are these answers correct any out there know?!!! please reply guys!! Thanks----Mike--
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i have the same type of thing on the sides of my legs.
im only 16 but i get a dry red rash type thing during the winter.
my dad's good friend was a highly recomended doctor but he passed away
he gave me some stuff because at the same time i had some ringworm on the inside of my legs
try some hydro-quartozone.
it helps the dryness and redness
it doesnt itch much either
i dont recomend it because i dont know what effect it might have on you
try going to a skin doctor. they might be able to give you some help
---good luck!
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Did you have a lupus blood test? If not, you could get one to ease your mind.
You could be getting a rash from dry skin.  Have you checked into rosacea?

When my skin is red and irritated, I use olive oil on it and rinse off the excess.  If you need to scrub off skin, use sea salt in the oil and then rinse.  

No extra virgin light oil--not as good.


Make a warm olive oil bath and just rinse with water after.  It help the rash go away in about two days.

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