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post vasectomy male orgasm

Is it normal for a man to lose his ability to orgasm completely or to lose the intensity of his orgasm after having a vasectomy? My husband thinks it's all in my head but I use to feel very strong rythmic contractions when he would ejaculate. I no longer feel any "pulse" and afterward he seems dissatisfied. His doctor told him that his sexdrive wouldn't change and that his ability to ejaculate would remain intact to a degree that i wouldn't notice any difference. This is a very delicate issue with my husband since I didn't agree with the proceedure to begin with. Now I'm worried about his health and the long term affects this may have on our 15yr marriage. He hasn't been the same since he got cut 8months ago.
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my husband had a vasectomy long before we were even together but he seems normal to me. Maybe it's in your head because you didn't want him to do it in the first place?

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Hey I am 53 and had my vasectomy at 42 and my libido has increased if anything. The most I have had is five in one night, and eight in a twenty four hours.
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I have had a vasectomy and believe you are right. Since the vasectomy a few months ago my orgasms are definitely less intense. They feel numbed. Maybe this is psychological but I don't think so.
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I had my vasectomy three weeks ago and my orgasm is definitely less intense. Overall I reckon its about 30-40% as intense and I'm gutted. I'm praying its a short term thing as sex for me is nothing like it used to be.
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My orgasms are less intense and my sex drive has decreased. My erections aren't even the same.  I wish I would have never gotten a vasectomy. I would explore other options before getting this procedure done to anyone reading. They make it sound like it's just a snip and then they say you won't notice anything different.  Maybe for some guys, but there are a lot of guy out there who have experienced the same things.  If you value your sex and sex life, I would stay away from a vasectomy.  
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The vasectomy industry covers up the fact that obviously orgasms and sex aren't as good after.  Oh.. and how long recovery time is.   And how bad it f***ing hurts.
I don't think that's the case for everyone or even most people. Sorry if you are having that though.
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