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problems of doing mastrubation

i am 24 yr of age. i mastrubate from the age of 19. i read lot of articles on mastubation. it says mastrubation will cause erectile dysfunction, week erection, fussy vision, hair loss and permature ejaculation. when i mastubate the semen comes out with in 20 sec. sometimes i also see precums in my penis after i went for a toilet is it nomal?.mastrubation will cause all these things?. pls help me.
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Masturbation is a natural habit. Per se, it does not harm  if it is done in normal limits.To satisfy your natural urge, masturbation is ok.Take care of your general health and quit worrying about masturbation. worrying abou masturbation does more harm than actual act.
Learn some yoga, specially kindalini yoga.. Many postures help you to control sexual urge or to convert the sexual energy to mental energy which will help you to change yourself and build your confidence.
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My friend stop it as soon as possible ok,masturbation will weaken you sexually and you will truely live to regret, stop reading and watching romantic scenes that can make your body feel like doing it.Go out there look for someone you love and u care for most, I mean a girlfriend, put  that thing of yours in the right thing meant for it, even the bible/Koran is a gainst masturbation,don't do it coz it will affect you as a man,Tell me if you feel what I say boy,Can you imagine one day you get married n then you get disappointed with your woman on bed?,or imagine this, you are in the bathroom and your girlfriend or wife finds you doing this peculier things, How would you feel as a man.....Oooh friend let me tell you, it will be a shame to yourself, friends and your family.
Stop!!Stop...boy. Read the bible/koran to give you strength to overcome this addict.
Good day...
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Wonder92 is totally wrong!!!  There is absolutely no scientific basis to anything he said.  His answer is based upon religious beliefs, rather than upon medical knowledge.  And we all know religion's success rate versus science:  ZERO percent.

Rajsundar, go for it.  It is not possible to masturbate too much.  It would start to hurt before it got dangerous.  If it hurts, take a day or two off.  Other than that, have fun with it.  And don't be embarrassed or ashamed if anyone teases or makes a joke about it.  We all do it.

I have done it nearly every day since before I even hit puberty.  I would masturbate to orgasm, but without ejaculation.  My first ejaculation was around the age of 14.  Since then, look out!  In my late teens through mid-twenties, I sometimes did it 5 or 6 times a day when single, and still 2 - 3 times a day even when married and having sex several times a day.  I am now 47, and I still average 4-6 times a week, and on some days I still do it 2 or 3 times.  My erections are as strong as ever, I have no hair on my palms, I didn't go crazy, i'm not blind, and I can masturbate or have sex for a long time, sometimes hours, if I want to.  I can also finish in under a minute, if I want to and I am really turned on.  

So don't listen to the religious kooks.  Enjoy yourself...literally!
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