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prostate pain after sex

I had a very bad infection 7 years ago that was diagnosed as prostatitis to a UTI to Epeditimitus.  At the time I was given large amounts of antibiotics and anti-inflamitories.  The uroligist said the infection had subsided.  At that time and ever since I have had what I believe to be an irritated prostate.  The lymph nodes around the groin area always feel swollen and sore,  I have constant pain around the groin area , hips, lower back and testicles.  It is worse after sex but is constant even when not having sex.  I gave up sex for 7 months hoping it would help but the pain continued.  Warm baths do help but only for an hour or so.  I have seen uroligists, general doctors, and hernia doctors and had multiple blood tests, xrays, and mri's but they never found a cause.  I'm hoping someone could help on a possible solution or at least something to help ease the discomfort.  It hurts a lot whan standing or sitting for a while.   I have tried many prescription (anti-inflamitories) and non-prescription (quercitin, acsorbic acid, curamin, urinary supprt)  medications but they offer only limited help.  The one thing that helps is taking levitra or cialis.  I also had ed after the initial infection and found they help with the discomfort.  The urologists don't know why.  I don't take it for help with the ed as sex would be too painful.  Thanks for the help.  
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