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For 10 years I have had periodic pain in the rt. quadrant of my stomach and taken all the tests: ultra sound, gall bladder test, endoscopy, X-ray with barium, etc. All were negative. Only an MRI is left this week.  I've been on acid reducers, protonix,nexium and, more recently, prilosec (once a day, and sometimes at night), and Tums/Maalox during the day when needed. Acid stomachs run in my family: father (perforated ulcer), brother (surgery). I'm 73, and in excellent health (work out, etc). If I watch my diet, the pain is intermittant and kept to a minimum. I I take a vitamin supplement once a day. How safe is it to continue taking all these anti-acids? Is this condition common? Would a nutritionist or other professional/consultant be helpful? Thank you.  
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Making changes to your diet could very well be a huge help help to you. Certain foods can stomach problems much worse.
Do you eat close to bed time? This is'nt good for people with acid reflux. I'm sure your Dr has already told you that though.
I think working with a nutritionist sounds like a great idea.
From what I've read, taking antacids long term can interfere with certain vitamin absorption, especially the B vitamins.   Remar
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