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semen analysis

Doctor sb,

Assalamu  alaikum

I am 25 yrs of age. Married 1 year ago but no pregnancy yet. Please check my semen report, is it normal? if not, can it be recovered through some diet & exercise or medical treatment is required? Please guide.


Volume                                       2.0ml

Colour                                         Pearlish White

Consistency                                  Viscid

Reaction                                       Alkaline

Liquifaction Time                           20mts


Total sperm count                          60millian/ml

Sperm Motility ( after 1 hours )

Actively Motile                              50%

Sluggishly Motile                           30%

Non Motile                                    20%

Pus Cells                                       1 – 2/Hpf

Epithetical                                     Nill/Hpf

R.B.Cs                                           Nill/Hpf


Please reply in your earliest. Thanks in advance
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    This is only a reply from a Forum member and not a doctor, needless to say that you should get all your doubts cleared from the doctor who advised you to go for the tests.

You need not have to be overly worried at your age for an years delay in having a baby, as such things are quite common with the busy life that we live nowadays. And , when you go to a doctor, both of you should go together so that if one has got a problem that can be corrected. A gynecologist or a fertility doctor will advise you regarding health tips, exercises and need to follow the ovulation cycles etc., which will be highly effective.

Now, comming to your question regarding your semen analysis report, it looks fine for me. Here is a link regarding interpretation of semen analysis report:


As you can see, your readings are all well above the minimum limits.

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