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servere pain and burning

I have severe burning and pain in my penis and testicles. The pain and
burning has been with me for over 5 years. I keep going to the
urologists and I am not getting any where, they keep giving me the
same things, but the problems dont get any better.
Does any body know of some really good urologists in the New York area
that could help me with both these problems. Some urologists have
said that they may want to do that test, where they stick a camera
down your penis shaft and take a look at the bladder. My only concern
about this test is that I could end up with a cathler, if some thing
goes wrong. Whats your opinion of this test and the risks of it?

Besides this test, what other tests do you recommend, so i can
hopefully get to the bottom of whats causing the pain and the burning.
I have tried cranberry and apple cider vinager, they both cause
burning in my penis. The only other things I have used are d-mannose
and horse tail.
what other things can I use for burning and pain? Which vitamins,
minerals, amino acids , herbs, and homeopathic remedies should I use
for the burning and pain in my testicles and penis?
I have tried 2 anti biotics, bactrim helps a little and cipro doesnt
help. Some doctors have suggested I try elevil and one starting with a
c that i cant spell right now.
I have been told that in smaller doses they help with pain. What do you think?
what are the benefits vs side effects of each one? Which foods and
drinks do you reccommend I eat and drink? Any help would be greatly
Thanks alot MR
PS: which books should I read for more insight on these things?
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I am not a doctor. How do you know you have infection? Was it confirmed by urinalysis and / or urine culture? First ask your urologist to find out what is causing the infection. The pain in penis could be due to kidney or bladder stones. Or you could have enlarged prostate.  Have you been to a Urologist or not? Ask your urologist to order a catscan (urogram) of lower abdomen. Antibiotics would not help until you remove the cause of the infection.

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