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slight swelling and pain at mens right nipple

During last few weeks this 84 year old male has noticed slight swelling by right nipple.  Some pain to the touch.   Doctor felt minor problem did not necessatate treatment at present time.  I'm trying to determine cause.  I recently read soy protein may cause male breasts to swell. I use it daily in a health drink I mix on my Vitamix. Wonder if soy could be causing the problem.  or ????    
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Do a search of my journal that has a list of all the bad thing with soy
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Bill, go to the complimentary forum and in the search type soy it's a better search than my
journal. you can read my rant on the use of Soy!
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Thanks for your response to my request for info re "slight swelling by right nipple with some pain to the touch".

I did review Complementary Medicine Community of MedHelp and items on soy with a couple mentions that soy may contribute to male hooters (and one comment that they probably do not).  

I'm brand new to MedHelp so having a little trouble finding my way around.  I don't think I've found your rant on Soy.  I could be interested in that.  Can you give me some specific instructions on getting to your journal and findng comments on Soy.  

A couple months ago after reading a comment somewhere on the web about possibility of soy and hooters, I did feel that I was getting swelling and then noticed some pain to touch too.  So I quit taking the Soy protein for a while and went through a large can of whey protein.  Didn't notice any change though and then went back to Soy because I still had a large can of that here.   But I may stop using it again and see if it makes any difference.  I had googled right nipple swelling a couple months ago and found a half dozen references to it, but none that indicated it was anything to be worried about.  But at 84 I've spent a lot of time trying to avoid cancer (and lost my wife to cancer 18 years ago.)   I'm aware of cancers dangers and also that good nutrition can help prevent and perhaps even fight it off.)
While my wife died from the lymphoma it was 13 years after the oncologists had given her 12 to 24 months to live.  (We opted to avoid immediate chemo and radiation and went nutritional route which ended up in complete remission for 5 years but then it recurred.)

Thanks again for your response.

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Bill I think this is enough for you to read!!
I suggest that you see your MD about your breast you never know Men also get breast cancer. Just play it safe

For years, nutritionists have touted the health benefits of soy. But now some believe this protein alternative could present a real danger since it is found in a large number of foods we eat
Lenore Nolan-Ryan, who owns a catering company in Lauderdale by the Sea and is a personal chef to many clients, loves to cook soy.
"If you're using the soy beans, they add great texture and they are also a very good vegetable," said Nolan-Ryan, "if you are using fermented soy, like tofu, you can actually use it as a substitute for protein beef, fish or chicken."
not all soy is the same.
"The soy we eat here in the states is not fermented, like it is in Asia, so all the toxins are still left in," said Nolan-Ryan.
Dianne Gregg who wrote the book "The Hidden Dangers of Soy." Gregg, who is allergic to soy, believes chemical compounds in soy can contribute to a number of health problems, like hypothyroidism.
"You're seeing more problems as far as hypothyroidism," said Gregg, "women are gaining weight because they have a problem with their thyroid." The chemical compounds can also affect men.
"It can lower their libido, lower their testosterone levels," said Gregg.
But not everyone agrees with Gregg's findings. Sonia Angel, a registered dietician with Memorial Healthcare Systems, said studies indicate soy is safe.
"It's a great alternative as a protein source; it's fat free and it has great benefits in health it may lower cholesterol," said Angel.
Yet Gregg warns a lot of food products contain soy and if you aren't feeling your best it may be the soy.

"Vegetable oil, mayonnaise, it's in canned soup and bakery goods," said Gregg. "Over 60 percent of products on grocery store shelves have some form of soy."
Because of the high level of estrogens and phytoestrogens in soy, Gregg said there's a concern it could cause cancer and affect the thyroid in those at risk.  The safest bet is to eat the fermented soy or natural forms of soy, like the kind found in Edamame beans.

This from doctor Blaylock.
Soy is so prevalent because it is a billion-dollar industry — but what makes for great profits does not necessarily make for great health. Here are just some of the
problems associated with soy: Most soybeans used for manufacturing
foods are genetically modified. Genetic modifications cause the plant to produce
abnormal proteins as well as to overproduce toxins normally produced by the plant.
Soy can have profound effects on behavior.One study found that infant monkeys fed soy
extract exhibited increased aggressiveness later in life and were socially withdrawn.
Soy contains estrogenic compounds. One study found that soy extracts could alter the
development of the male hypothalamus, causing males to act more like females.
Soy may be dangerous for babies. When newborn male animals were fed soy formula
(similar to human soy infant formula), males had greater difficulty maneuvering a maze. In humans, this would mean boys would have
greater difficulty learning. Soy-fed male animals were found to have
lower levels of brain 5-alpha-reductase in the hypothalamus and amygdala. These
areas of the brain play a major role in sexual behavior. Low levels of this enzyme reduce
levels of deoxytestosterone in the brain, the more powerful form of testosterone.
Female mice fed soy experienced a significant fall in the release of oxytocin
(dubbed the “love hormone”) from their brains. This caused a decrease in
sexual receptivity — that is, they were less interested in sex. Oxytocin is also critical for
normal social development. Among its many additional functions is protecting
the brain from inflammation. Soybeans are naturally high in the
excitotoxic amino acid glutamate. When the product is concentrated to make soy milk,
glutamate is released and is just as damaging to the brain as MSG.
Soy is also high in a toxic metal — fluoride. Fluoride accumulates in the brain and has a
number of toxic effects.

“All-natural protein” is often a code for soy, which research shows may cause gynocomastia—the abnormal enlargement of the mammary glands in men. When you consume soy protein, you’re actually courting the Mr. Hyde side of two organic compounds: genistein and daidzein. Both act so similarly to estrogen that they’re known as phytoestrogens (plant produced estrogen). Eat enough of the stuff, and you open up the potential for hormonal havoc.
this was from mens health magazine!  

If you have a thyroid condition don’t use soy!  Soy isn’t good if you have inflammation! Only fermented soy is OK.  Also if you look at just about all your products and read the ingredients you will see Soy listed!
I’ve seen it even listed in tea!!

The latest study found that young girls around the country have alarming levels of three frightening hormone-like substances phenols, phthalates and phytoestrogens.
When researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine studied urine samples from 1,151 girls between 6 and 8 years old from New York City, Cincinnati and northern California, they found high levels of all three the troubling trio is everywhere. Phthalates are in plastics -- even toys -- as well as cosmetics. Phytoestrogen is the key hormone-like substance that makes soy so dangerous. And the most common phenol, BPA, is in just about everything -- including plastic bottles and can linings.

Dangerous chemical used to process soy
A new report from the nonprofit Cornucopia Institute finds that many veggie burgers, meatless chicken patties and soy- based snack bars contain a dangerous neurotoxin called hexane.
The report says food manufacturers bathe soy in this poison to help separate it into oil, protein and fiber. And this chemical can linger right up to the point where you bite into your  meatless nuggets.
The hexane itself actually comes from petroleum.
The Environmental Protection Agency considers hexane to be a hazardous air pollutant.  you shouldn’t even inhale the vapors.
It’s so toxic that the Nazis actually injected a related chemical, benzine, into concentration camp victims.
Soy is bad enough for you… it mimics estrogen so well that the body actually thinks it’s getting an extra hormone boost. It’s making women sick and with men they are getting
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