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small rocks on the underside of penis

hey i am 21 virgin (don't shame me) i had these bump once on the underside of my penis, near the tip of it. it's attached to the skin. the bump became bigger and bigger until it kinda opens up and i can see a really small like rock in there. it gets bigger and so did the opening until one day i poped it out. the stone was kinda hard but you can crush it with your nails, and it was blackish in color. i thought that was it untill a few more starts to appear, they grow slowly, and i could poped a few out but the rest is still kinda small and doesn't have an opening, oh and they appear on the next to the urethra line under the penis. i have searched online to what it is and found nothing. oh and they doesn't hurt, itch, or anything,
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First, we don't shame here, and there's not a thing wrong with being a virgin, at any age. You are far from the only one, even if it feels that way.

Have you had any sexual contact at all? Oral sex? Grinding or rubbing? I ask because if you've had none of those things, it narrows the cause down a lot.

It could have been a comedone - which is really just a type of clogged oil gland - https://dermnetnz.org/topics/comedonal-acne/

The black stone would have been debris, and nothing to worry about.

Are you still getting them? You should see your doctor for how to properly treat them. You may need an antibiotic. Stop messing with them, though - if it's clogged oil glands, the oil from your fingers is only making it worse, and you could cause scarring.
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