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soar perineum after receiving oral sex from a clean partner

Hello all,

2 days ago i had received oral sex from a women who is definitely clean as she gets checked often and we clarified together.

During oral, she was pretty rough and interacted with my testicles as well.

Ive noticed that my perineum feels a tad soar and has some discomfort, almost feels like my butt is a bit warm too? does it take a few days after to recover from rough oral? I just need some help figuring this out as I am super stressed out about it being another prostate infection i had in the past February and really don't want to go through the same process...

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I understand the initial response to worry, but the only thing that's going to give you answers is time. (I realize how much that sucks, by the way.)

If it's just rough oral, you'll feel better in a few days. If it's more, you'll feel worse, or at least not any better. Waiting a few days either way isn't going to hurt anything or cause harm.

Could it also be some anxiety? A sore perineum can be a symptom of something, but I wonder if your butt feeling warm (is it your whole butt, your anus...?) is just being hyper-aware of everything because you're so afraid of going through the prostate infection again.

I know it's not easy, but try to keep yourself occupied for the next few days, at least over the weekend, and see if you're noticing the warmth in your butt less. If things aren't improved by Monday, give your doctor a call.

In the meantime, drink lots of water, lay off the caffeine totally (unless you're going to get a caffeine headache, and then just cut way back), skip the alcohol and juices.

Let us know how you are.
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Yes, time cures everything.

okay so it is totally normal to have this sort of trauma if it was truly rough? Okay great i will wait until monday.

I have been having lots of anxiety lately but not sure if that has anything to do with how i am feeling down there as it did come right after the oral.

And i know its tough to ask this but is the likely hood of getting a prostate infection much lower from oral than it is from vagina sex? I just want to know so i can ease my mind a little bit.
Depends on what rough means - that can be subjective, and can include different things for different people. Your perineum could be sore if she was pressing on it or used her mouth there, or a toy, etc.

There are lots of bacteria that can cause prostate infections. Some could be found in the mouth, but getting an infection from oral is overall lower risk than vaginal sex.

I get the anxiety - I have some stomach issues, and the first twinge I get, I get anxious, even though the majority of the time, it's nothing. Just try to relax (easier said than done, I know), and see what happens over the weekend.
So tightly squeezing the area, penis being pushed down.. testicles being pulled on etc.

Just as an update:

It seems like symptoms have gotten a bit better in the perineum area but not quite. No more warm bum feel either. It seems like the symptoms have shifted a little bit.

What does is mean with sometimes I feel a little pinch in my urethra that is intermittent? The inside of my groin area sometimes also feels like a mini rash is present but there is no sign of anything.  Also do I need to worry about herpes if she never has never gotten a cold soar or any symptoms? Just strange that this has lingered on for 4 days after.
I wouldn't worry about herpes.

I think you should see your doctor. Perhaps you have NGU, which is an infection in your urethra, which can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering the urethra. A simple urine test to look for WBC in the urine can detect it.

It might help ease your mind, too. This could all be anxiety, and an exam could tell you there is nothing wrong. Let us know.
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