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sticky urine, whitish discharge while defacating
Hello, im a 25 yr old asian male. I have a problem that is bugging me. I have had protected sex last year(2005) twice. Although One time, the condom burst while im in orgasmic phase.
Now after that i my problem statrted. Sometimes my urine is sticky usually in the morning after i got up in bed, and sometimes there is a whitish/cloudy discharge that is coming out of my penis while im defacating...

I went to my urologist last feb, 2006 for checkup. He told me that i have a slight infection(UTI), and he prescribe qinolon(ofloxacin 250 mg) for 10 days twice a day. Nothing happened after finishing the course of my prescription. So i took flagyl for 5 days 500 mg twice a day. After that, I went to another urologist(father of my previous urologist). He check my urine. He told me that there is no sign of infection. My problem is psychological only.

Is this true? Why is it that im still having this sticky urine, and whitish discharge(although not regularly)? Do i have a certain kind of STD? please help...


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Sorry, My statement earlier is a bit confusing. So here's a summarization of what happened and what is happening to me...

1. Protetected sex with two different girl in  two months (on the first girl, the condom burst while im in orgasmic phase.
2. slight burning while urinating, pain in right testicle, cloudy discharge while defacating(bowel movement), sometimes there is a clear discharge, sometimes my urine is sticky.
3. Went to a urologist, gave me qinolon(ofloxacin 250 mg) 10 days, 2 times a day.
4. nothing happened.
5. Took, 500 mg flagyl(metronidazole) 5 days, 2 times a day.
6. Went back to my urologist,  he's not in the clinic, he's father is there who is also a urologist, the father checked my urine, and said there is no problem.
7. I'm still having this, even though  
   a. Sticky discharge sometimes
   b. cloudy/whitish discharge while i am defacating(bowel    movement) not everytime.
   c. Sticky urine not everytime also.

   My question is, is it true that i dont have any kind of STD?
   If a have an std what is it?  
I have a girl friend right now and i love her i dont want to transfer any kind of disease to her.
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