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sweating and feeling faint after eating snickers

I am an active tennis player and play about an hour most days.  Yesterday I played for 1 and a half hours then cycled 5 miles to play another match.  I arrived early for this 2nd match of the day and had some time so bought a standard size Snickers bar and a cappucino and ate before playing.  But then halfway through playing I felt faint and was sweating.  It wasn't that bad but I had to slow down.  This was quite late, about 6pm and I had lunch at 12.  So hadn't eaten for a while.  Lunch was not huge but not tiny either.

Since then I have been fine.  I had experienced this sort of sweating a few years ago but then it was when I went to sleep I would wake up about an hour or so after falling asleep in a sweat.  But haven't experienced that in ages.

I am reasonably fit, BMI of 23.3.

What would cause this sweating?  Is it something I need to be concerned about?
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Hey there. I think you need to pay closer attention to proper nutrition, fueling and hydration. You are extremely active and your caloric intake was probably not sufficient on this day. Blood sugar changes and in particular dropping will quickly raise adrenaline which is associated with sweating. https://www.everydayhealth.com/type-2-diabetes/symptoms/signs-of-low-blood-sugar/  You need to eat, man!
People talk about diabetes and sweating, a common thing that goes hand in hand and blood sugar can be tied to diabetes. In your case, it would be related to your fueling in my opinion. If it happens again, talk to your doctor!
Thanks.  I don't think I have diabetes.  I probably didn't eat enough that day.
Agree. So much activity requires proper food and hydration. AnnieBrooke gives some ideas of things to carry with you.
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It seems like you also need to carry snack food with you that has protein in it. A cup of shelled walnuts, or if you have access to it, cheese or yogurt, is a better refuel snack than a candy bar. Fueling with something so full of carbs, after the sugar high you crash, as you've demonstrated.
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