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temple, and head pulse unexplained

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to read this short questions, ive looked everywhere but have not found anyone with this symptom or anyone that can relate or help. Im 22 years old male about average weight 6'3...im pretty active. I had a bad sinus infection last year that lasted a few months...(chronic sinisitus) every since I have been able to feel the pulses in my head vivdly(back, temples) apon exerction sometimes not doing anything at all...After eating i have a visible temple pulse that i can feel without touching and see visibly. Anyone else get a pulse awareness like this? Its not painful...Im currently taking 100mg losartan/hctz25mg for high blood pressure its currently stays around 130/75....Im active but this will happen even when im not doing much....Its very bothering. I can feel my pulse all over now at times...ive had a heart echo(had small leaky valve) and head mri about 7 months ago they both were normal....can anyone please help me to why this is going on?
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A complete clinical examination may be necessary for accurate diagnosis and management. One may feel temporal artery pulsation during periods of stress, anxiety, severe headache, migraines, elevated blood pressure etc. Temporal arteritis also presents with similar symptoms. A physical exam is needed to rule out thickening of the temporal artery .You will need base line documentation and for possible treatable causes. You may need ECG, kidney function, cholesterol etc. A physical examination including the eye fundus is needed. A clinical examination can confirm the diagnosis. Consult your doctor and clarify your doubts. I hope it helps.
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I am 76 and have similar symptoms.  I too am taking hctz plus other meds daily for blood pressure, polymyalgia,gout, and suffer from tinnitus.  You describe what I feel (MRI shows normal, so did Nuerological tests).  Doctor thinks its just a side affect possibly of meds and my hearing problem which exagerates other symptoms. Im 6'0", 175#.
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