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testicle pain and kidney pain
For the past month or so I have been getting a pain in my right lower back (Kidney area) that comes and goes.  It also radiates to my right testicle.  The pain is mostly in the morning before I get up.  It is not an intense pain, just a dull ache.  My right testicle will seem hard and has a dull ache as well.  Once I am up, the pain subsides and the testicle goes back to being soft and no pain.  Most of the day I feel no pain, unless I concentrate on it, then there is a slight pain.  I went to the Urgent care unit that my Dr is associated with and was given some antibodics, that did not help.  They had me take some ultra sound tests for my testicle, abdomen and kidney.  I asked yesterday if they received results of the ultra sound and they did not know.  I am planning to go on vacation and am worried I will get deathly ill on vacation.  I am thinking this may be kidney stones or kidney cancer.  Please give me some ideas.  I am a worry wart and this will ruin my vacation.  
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