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thickening of the sigmoid colon
i am male, 52 years of age. in the last 6 years have had severe bowel disfunctions. 4 years ago i had ischemic colitis that kept me in the hospital for 6 days and i had to have 3 pints of blood. then again in november 2009 i had another attack of ischemic colitis, hospital for 4 days but no blood was given. I have lost 97 pounds in one year bringing my body weight to 88 pounds at 5 foot tall small body frame. I am now back up to 102.6 pounds but my appetite is none existence 90% of the time and I have to force my self to drink shakes and things like ensure. When I do eat anything whether it is a snack cake or a hamburger patty I have severe bowel discomfort and usually refuse to eat for up to 4 days. I have had upper and lower scopes completed. also this week had a CT of abdomen and pelvic. The lower scope was completed on dec. 16 2009. here is what the results were of this lower scope.
ENDOSCOPIC FINDINGS: Risks, benefits and alternatives have been discussed with the patient. After informed consent was obtained, the patient was placed in the left lateral decubitus position. Digital rectal exam was performed with no palpable abnormalities felt. The adult video colonoscope is inserted into the rectum and advanced to the mid sigmoid colon. There was an acute turn at this level which we could not pass under direct vision. Therefore this was withdrawn and the gastroscope was advanced to this level and then on to the cecum. On withdrawal from the cecum bowel prep was of good quality. The vascular pattern throughout the colon appeared normal. On withdrawal no polyps or masses were seen. There were a moderate number of diverticuli noted in the sigmoid colon. There was some focal edema and subepithelial hemorrhage in the mid sigmoid colon suggestive of probable diverticulitis. The endoscope was withdrawn into the rectum where retroflex view revealed moderate size internal hemorrhoids. The patient tolerated the procedure well.
IMPRESSION: 1. Probable sigmoid diverticulitis. 2. Internal hemorrhoids.

I was given antibotics and sent home. Had to repeat antibotics 3 times before any relief from the pain in the abdomen and then it only 80% pain free for about 2 months after all those antibotics then i started having the severe pain again.

Now the CT taken this week by the general physcian states that the sigmoid colon has severe thickening and the diverticulitis is worse than the last scan 4 years ago and I need to be refered to my GI doctor.

Question is: In the results of the colonscope in december does it indicate anything that the CT scan taken this week is now stating? And if it does would a GI doctor want to reschedule another colonscope? The reason for the last question is I have read that colonscope are repeated approximately every 4 years for anyone who has noted problems like diverticulitis. Could anything serious such as cancer or any other problem that would require surgery show up in just 7 months since my last colonscope? Thanks for your advice in advance. I have scheduled an appointment with my GI doctor for the 26th of july but I would like a little advice if nothing but to help calm my wife, daughter and of course my nerves. I know that it is only advice not a diagnosis. But it would surely be comforting. Thanks again. Tommy B
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