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this is how to heal the best you can

most likely surgery will be required with a hard flaccid go to an interventional radiologist if your symptoms get worse if you stand. they will give you the information on the best healing don't touch your manliness or you will put it at the point of now repair., avoid ice, immediate cease any type of smoking, everyday the operations become better done so there is hope. avoid having an erection also, make sure if you are on pharmaceutical medications for such illness like schizophrenia, add, or adhd you consult with a chiropractor for the nerves in a bad spine can cause the symptoms of those cause "personalty disorders" cause those symptoms and those illness are related to environmental surroundings and how you grew rather then genetics. A bad spine will prevent healing of the penis properly without a chiropractor. only take l-arginine after a surgery and avoid systemic enzymes because they effect testosterone negatively which is hard to get back making the muscles in your penis hard to recover. Jelquing should never be done because it will increase damage. last off do not stress about if your are not in tremendous pain because it could always be worse. relax take a nap get some "go to sleep" herbs from gnc and if see a urologist that says a hard flaccid is fine you were scammed put your cash with the people that can save you. Lastly if you lose some sensitively in the man hood dont be discouraged. Work on your overall physical self wellness and if you have a healthy brain experiment with entheogenic drugs if you can get them legally and the safe ones and follow a healthy diet. those drugs can help "earthlings" deal with their problems in safe in environments. do not smoke anything all smoking is bad for your health and nor to do i recommend the use of illegal illicit drugs. I stand for the healing of nations. If you have money get a Kenmore air filter the new one. The negative ions will help you with decreased damage risk until you get a real opinion. Don't go out to bars or people social until u r healed because it will make you want to be like before and you will stress out causing more damage. Remember the man hood is second to the brain because what good is man hood if you don't know whats going on around you. IF you have less then a 50% of success on a surgery do not opt for it unless you are in pain that feels like being stabbed with a knife repetitively. Avoid ibuprofen, and do not get alpha blockers unless you don't have a venous leak and won't heal. last but not least don't be suicidal put yourself in a cold dark room with a comfortable bed until you can get healed with a fan running and no other people except a girlfriend

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