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what can cause depression for days after ejaculation?

I've noticed a large decrease in libido the last year.  I used to have sex or masturbate at least 5 times a week.  Sometimes twice in a day.  Now I'm only good to go twice a month maximum.  And after ejaculation, I feel like crap and depressed for days after.  My testosterone has been extremely low in the past, but it's been stable over the last 18 months.  I've had no major life events occur during this time.  
Also, possibly related, I've lost a great deal of sensitivity in my penis, especially the head.  This has happened over the last year.  Sex has become unpleasurable, especially penetrative and oral.  I've had no trauma or injury to that area, although I was diagnosed with very minor Peyronie's.  I've asked doctors - PCP, urologist & endocrinologist - and all were dismissive and writing it off as "welcome to turning 40" and "nothing we can do".  
What can cause depression and complete loss of libido for days following ejaculation?
And what would cause, and what can be done to treat, major loss of sensitivity to my penis?
Why have doctors had no quality of life concerns for a guy no longer being able to enjoy sex?
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How old are you?  Libido can decrease for a number of reasons.  Some psychological (any age), and, some physical, which includes aging.  Some time after age 55 or so many totally normal men lose interest in sex.  About 50% by age 60. That "depression" stuff is not part of it, though.
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I will soon be 41 yo. - too young to be dealing with older age issues .... imho. I'm in decent shape - 5'10", 170lbs.
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