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Almost sure my mom suffers from depression, I need your help; what should I do?

For many years now, my mom and dad have had marital problems that always fall back to the same issue. Consequently, I have many fights with my mom over very simple things. Her most common argument is that no  one in the house (Me, my brother and my dad) cares for her or loves her. The issue is, there have been very good periods where there are no issues; however, as soon as there is a contradiction to something she says, she will blow up, and fall back to the same 'common argument'. It is extremely hard to make any type of progress when every time something goes wrong, and nothing is perfect so it will, she turns chaotic or extremely sensitive, and victimizes herself immensely; saying that no one understands her, loves her, or cares, which is definitely not true.

I am pretty sure she suffers from depression, yet I do not know how to break it to her, or what to do. Any tips or suggestions? Also, would you agree with me that she is depressed?
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Have you suggested her getting some help. Or maybe u could say u need help and could she go with you.
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