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How can I help my sister going through depression and anxity

My Sister, a Graduation student is going through severe depression and anxity disorder

I discussed in detail with her about he she is feeling and what problem she thinks she is facing
On positive side She know she is going through anxiety disorder and she want to recover herself at earliest and want to come back to normal life.

As she told me in detail she was the best student in her class and mostly topped in exam.. As a normal good student her life is totally centric around studies and she want to clear the gradation with distinction to prove it a point for other (Especially in an environment in Pakistan where relative thinks Girls Education not a necessary thing) Her study style was Combine study with bunch of classmates/friends  where she used to lead the group by tutoring/supervising them about class notes/assignments. She is in Final Semester of her graduation. One day she got scolded by her Project Incharge because of an instrument got broken during project exercise in front of her classmates which effected her a lot. After that she is not able to perform good in that same project again and again and same time her freinds/classmates started realizing her that she is a looser/poor performer in study.
She start losing her confidence in group discussion/combine study and easily override by any classmate in nay argument/opinion
That was the time when she start feeling all the below mention symptoms
no confidence on herself in study
No concentration in study
Very poor understanding/analysing
Week memory power. She start forgetting things
Sleeplessness complelty for a month
Irritating behaviour with friends/classmates
She can not able to communicate properly with her classmates/can not utter proper words
Scared of sitting alone
Vivid/rumbling/vague thoughts throughout the day
Low self-esteem/negativity
Weight loss

She constantly kept asking me how she can regain confidence in front of her classmates/friends and can be normal in study.
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