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Please help before it's too late

Hi, I believe my gf of 3 years is depressed to the max. There's so many things that are going on. She doesn't trust anyone including doctors, she doesn't leave the house, has no interest in people, has wild mood swings, she will b staring into blank space and then close her eyes and shakes her head every 20 mins or so. She constantly makes sighing sounds and when asked what's wrong she doesn't know, or she doesn't want to talk. She sees and hears things, has panic attacks on a regular basis, I believe she's being emotionally immature but there's far more to it than that. She's constantly on me about every detail in my life. Try's to control me, push me around, constantly snoops my phone computer and anything that's mine, has 0 respect, 0 trust, if I do anything or add someone on a Facebook she freaks out and feels the need to go into my things and block delete unfriend. It's really taken a toll on the relationship and I've tried to take a break or split up but she's unresponsive to me. I talk to her and tell her my feelings and she just doesn't care or even respond. It's like she's a zombie. Idk what to do. The only way she will see a doctor is if I go with her. She's been baker acted before as well, I just can't go into all the details because there's way too much. What are some of the options here. Her family doesn't care and I'm all she has. She has a mental block or something, she says she can't turn her mind off and it's affecting her to the point where she cant sleep and just paces around in circles. She cleans around the house but throws my personal belongings in the trash and has no idea that's what she did. If she doesn't get her way she hitts me, screams, crys. I feel like she's manipulated me. I work 60hrs a week and she doesn't work at all. I'm just at a loss. I love this girl with all my heart which is why I'm here doing this for her. I'm sure someone out there has been thru this before or has an idea of what steps we should take. We need help desperately before it's too late. Thanks in advance to any and all opinions.
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From your description, it is obvious that she needs professional help, but leave a diagnosis up to the pros who can evaluate her, since it sounds like there are several things going on with her.  Accompany her to the doctor(s), if that's what it takes, and hopefully the doctor's advice will lead to a calming of several of her symptoms.  It will take some time, so consider how you will carry on without becoming burned out and otherwise affected by her behavior.    
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This sounds EXACTLY like my sister. I'm curious to see how others respond.
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Sounds like lots. Schizophrenia, bi-polar maybe. Definitely needs professional help. If she will go if you accompany her, that is what you have to do, if u care enough. But know that it will not be easy. Schizophrenia especially is hard to treat. Diligence is the key. Supportive, loving, friends and family. A job would help her to fill her time or going to college or volunteering. She needs activities to keep her mind occupied.
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Have u ever heard the saying "a idle mind is the Devils workshop"?  Some activities, college, job, volunteering. Along with with medicine and counseling. And a lot of patience on your part.
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