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Teenage Depression?

My husband and I are parents to a 17 year old girl who is a senior in high school.  In August of 2013, she started to show some odd behavior and we chalked it up to typical teenage girl stuff.  However; since August 2013, these are some of the symptoms/behaviors we are experiencing with her: 1).  Does not clean room will have trash, bottles, dirty clothes, food and food wrappers everywhere, 2). Will go to bed at 8:00 p.m. and say she cant fall asleep and stay in bed as long as you allow her to be there.  Have to fight to make her stay up.  3).  On non-school days, she will stay in her room for 5 plus hours with the door shut and will not come out until dinner or has to use the bathroom.  Will say she is reading or drawing.  She has no access to the internet at all as it was taken away. 4). Has not one friend left.  She says nobody will talk to her any longer, ask her to go anywhere or text her.  5).  Had lost 20 lbs about 1 year to 2 years ago.  Gained all weight back (20 plus pounds).  6).  Has gone from Honors Student to failing and is now no longer an honors student and is struggling to complete homework.  Grades have come up some.  7).  Lies about anything and everything to teachers and family and friend and us (of course).  8). Does not comb hair unless told to, wears clothes that are too small for her, has to be told to get her hair cut, wears clothes with stains and that are ripped. when she is asked to change she complains.  9).  Wears a stupid hat in the house and at the table that she is asked to take off and then complains.  10).  Tries to pit one family member against the other and then watches and says nothing i.e. brother against parents, parent against parent, etc., 11). Continues to wet her bed (this has been ongoing forever) and DOES NOT CLEAN IT UP.  Will hide sheets and wet clothes in her room until we find them due to the horrible smell.  Will go back to bed in wet bed in the morning instead of stripping the bed.  12).  Never has soap or cleaning pads in shower.  13).  Will not do any type of exercise.  Will throw a fit if asked to or forced to.  14).  Does not do her chores anymore.  15). Ran away to a relatives house and told them she was not being fed at home even though she sits at the dinner table every night and eats dinner with us.  The refrig. is full every week. 16).  When she is spoken to she stairs at you with a blank stair and shows no emotion.  17). If she is punished nothing phases her i.e. no t.v., no phone, no internet etc.  18).  On two ocaisions in 2014, she just completely and voluntarily stopped taking her seizure medication "because she didn't want to take it anymore" causing her to have a seizure both times.  19).  Watches an enormous amount of pornography....thus why the internet was taken away.  She sees nothing wrong with this.  she refuses to go see a doctor.....WILL FREAK OUT IF YOU MENTION IT.  I mentioned Depression once and she had a fit screaming at me.  What is going on?
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Sorry, August 2014 not 2013
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Possibly a side effect of the seizure meds?

My niece takes anti-seizure meds and she says it makes her feel horrible/depressed.
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She's 17 right?  Have her admitted to a psychiatric unit in a Hosp before the both of you lose what sanity you have left.  That's what I had to do just 6 months ago with my 17 yr old son. Depression was sucking the life out of him.  He too an honors student, grades went to failing, missing school, lost too much weight, isolating and cutting himself. We've moved 3 times thinking it might help. I've done everything. This has been going on now for 4 or so years and I have nothing left. But I've learned a lot. You never know what they are thinking, please trust me. They hide things so well.  
Suicide is the #1 cause of death in teens.
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I agree with Layla wholeheartedly. I would do it ASAP. Just a side note. My son wore a hat all of the time too. It's like a security blanket. I saw that he needed it so I left it alone.
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I think teenagers really need a Parental Guidance in every step of their way and they need help in their every endeavors. This is the time where they usually want to be with peers instead of being with their family and are most of the time, hard headed because they usually seek for independence. I know for one thing that environmental influence is really a big thing on todays generation that's why its really hard for us parents to monitor our children most specially the group of friends they usually hang out with.
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