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Admitting a Loved One

I have a husband who is being treated for depression and anxiety.  I'm not sure what's caused the culmination of events; however I am now seriously looking into getting him some in patient care.  On top of his pdoc meds he is also being treated for several physical things.

I'm familar with when a physical symptom warrants a er or hospital visit.  I don't know when the symptom of "sleeps all day, won't wake propperly" warrants such thing.  His pdoc just changes his meds around and says that a inpatient stay would be okay if we (my husband and I ) wanted such a thing.

I have 2 elementary children at home.  Of course I don't "want" to add any more stress to their lives if it isn't necessary.  I love my husband and just want him to get better in the most timely manner possible as getting worse simply musn't happen.

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I am so sorry that you are going through this dilemma and I am happy that you are seeking help for your husband. If you feel as if this decision is the best then I would advice that you do this. I completely understand what you are saying about adding stress to the kids but look at it this way---if you husband does not get the proper help he needs, the home environment will be worse. Please take care.

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what is he taking?
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