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Adult ADHD & Schizoaffective Depressive type?

This may sound like a contradiction but I been diagnosed as having ADHD and Schizoaffective Depressive type. The contradiction seems to come from ADHD is a decrease in dopamine and Schizoaffective is an increase in dopamine levels. To resolve this it may have something to do in my case with Acetesomethingorother neurotransmitter. Is their any literature on this topic of studies of people having both ADHD and Schizophrenia?

Anyways, I was sick for 3 weeks and off my antidepressant, Depakote and Abilify medication for 2 weeks and all my paranoid symptoms went away. Then I was placed on Geodon, and I have slight paranoia again. In the past I tried to tell a mental health worker it was acute anxiety but they forced the label of paranoia without considering any background information such that my “paranoia” only started after a druggy threatened to kill me. Why I mention this, is if it is just anxiety and the Depression stage was associated with ADHD, then I might not have Schizoaffective disorder after all. In fact perhaps the antipsychotic are making the anxiety and depression associated with ADHD worse. What kind of questions should I be asking my doctor?
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Wow, talk about a 'double whammy'!

My mom has schizophrenia and was originally put on Seroquil, which was terrible, but then another psychiatrist came on board and took her off of that and put her on Xyprexa, which was like a miracle.  You might want to contact UCLA's NPI (neuropsychiatric institute), to see if someone can help you with your symptoms.  

Your question might be, 'What the hell is going on?!'  
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Though your question is from a year ago, I am moved to answer in hope you will see this.

Many years ago, I had been prescribed an anti-depressant Sinequon. Too depressed to wait for the mood-lifting affect, I checked into a psychiatric unit. My depression began to lift, but within days I became delusional. My time in the hospital wound up being a wait to come out of a psychotic episode. Over the years, I had similar affects when prescribed anti-depressants. I could only take them for limited time, before having paranoid or delusional symptoms. Finally it came out that one of the potential side affects of antidepressants is psychotic symptoms; my psychiatrist at the time related that the episode was a direct result of the medication. Since then, two good mental health professionals also have confirmed it. Antidepressants can even precipitate a full blown manic or schizophrenic episode that lasts considerable duration past getting off the drug. Unfortunately people with certain types of chemistry cannot tolerate any antidepressants.

That was years ago, and I was subsequently fortunate to have found an excellent therapist (someone who is not stuck in the "sickness mentality" for diagnosis), regiment of exercise, nutrition (including vitamins), and regular sleep habits that provide a foundation for a reasonably happy life. It's not easy and it's not perfect; I have to work harder than the naturally healthy minded feel to a purpose in life, but it enables me to have a much better, reasonably purposeful life than I could have imagined twenty years ago.

By coincidence, I have recently been associated with two ADHD diagnosed persons, both of whom experience some depression, but who are not on anti-depressants, because they are counterproductive to their condition. They take medication that is specifically used for Attention Deficit. I hope that you have found a truly helpful support system by now - someone who listens and knows there is not a one-size-fits-all fix for those with emotional challenges that come from chemistry deviations.
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Well for one they're probably diagnosing your paranoia incorrectly because I was told if you're worrying about something like that that has a basis in reality then it's not paranoia.  It'd be a different story if you started worrying and suspecting everyone just because the druggie threatened you.  It generally doesn't work too well if you try to say something you're doing is a specific thing or that you have a specific disease and try to convince them to think the same thing.  You should ask your doctor all the reasons he thinks you have schizoaffective disorder because usually it takes a whole range of symptoms not originating from drugs for that.  It's to be expected you have to work harder than normal to achieve a purpose in life and such because mental illness can be debilitating.  If you have a good psychiatrist and therapist they're going to always consider the same treatment won't work for everyone.  They have to try the same ones that won't work for certain people though because they have no way of knowing in advance.
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i have schizoaffective and adhd, sometimes i get severe depression, i have been on many different meds now latuda is working pretty good, i cannot drink any coffee with my aderal an am switching to ritalin in the morning, isolation is a major trigger for me i have found some help, double whammy for sure, i just saw this site an i have hit join, please add me to the list an i will try to help you, as i am always in need of others even if im giving for nothing... are there others like me? i feel , like its a learning disability, with lack of thought throughout the day, i dont get mad until my psych meds ware off, an have struggled for along time to get the boundrdaries i have today, i never judge,
I feel its a learning disability too. I couldn't complete my work before I had adhd meds. Now I can start my work early and completely it a regular pace instead of pushing everything to a the last minute like i did before i had medication.
I feel its a learning disability too. I couldn't complete my work before I had adhd meds. Now I can start my work early and completely it a regular pace instead of pushing everything to a the last minute like i did before i had medication.
I relate with this site. I have schezoeffective disorder I think and Adhd.  My illnesses have effected me my whole life. As long as I'm not on to strong of stimulant I don't have delusions. I've been in and out of hospitals my whole life.  I also am a recovering drug addict,  After I took a bad hit of LSD back in 1999 and thought I died and went to hell and never really came out of it I was diagnosed. Til this day I wish i would of never took that that drug.  I've never been the same ever since.  It was years later when I was so depressed in and out of hospitals and desperate a girl mentioned to me to talk to Dr about ADHD.  I always spaced out all the time and would sleep all the time because i couldn't focus. the medicine was a life saver but i would have a lot of mood swings on Adderal. So as of today Iv'e been on Vivance. that seems to be working. I would love to be set up in this community to learn and help other if I can. You Tornado I relate with a lot.
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Omg I finally found someone with the same diagnosis and belief about it. I have ADHD and have schizo affective disorder.but I believe the root of the so called schizosffective disorder is anxiety. I've suffered from PTSD as well and it has gotten worse because of that. I also believe the pills make it worse. I started taking zyprexa at the age of 14 and since then I haven't been the same. I smile less and have this more serious look on my face.I've faced many traumas since birth and I believe thats the root cause of everything. I believe therapy in its many forms is the best solution. Please let me know how your doing now.
I was on zyprexa for a few years and I had the same symptoms of a 'flat' personality and zombie like state of mind.
I requested a switch to anything else and my doctor complied.
I am doing much better now that I changed meds to some other anti psychotic.
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I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective and adult adhd. I take abilify and citalopram for the schizoaffective disorder and vyvanse for the adhd symptoms. I find that since i have been given adhd meds, my condition has stabilized completely. I was not well on the schizoaffective meds alone. i still had problems concentrating and with focus .As well as social problems and listening to others and paying attention.
I am in the process of trying mediation to control my adhd symptoms so that i don't have to take adhd meds long term but the meds have been a life saver for me and continue to help with my success in college.
Have you ever had substance abuse problems before getting on your adhd medication?
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