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Different versions incase there needs to be interpretation.

The place I hung out had some rude company (like even if I wore my team jersey, I told Them I want their team to win and even had a high five up bit was left quiet or ignored; like not even a thanks). My friend joked like even somewhere that can be interpreted personal, like your parents are dumb for adopting you. With the rude company there, honestly, I'm kinda spooked. How likely is this? Let's say someone's there knows who I am, gossips about me, it reached someone in sac (school and lived there) or Modesto. Then, the person who hears it will bring it to me and try to cause ruckus. They will find out who I am from a receipt with my name on it. It's not hard to hear stuff now unfortunately and not everyone is nice. There's scum in this world.
b) It hasn’t happened but make shorter: my fear is for argument sake is that I used my card and the receipt is like on floor. Someone who was kinda rude to me saw it and my name, will hear that friend trash around with me, stalk me like on fb, and use those taunts as fire. Like even if they’re from the bay, they’ll tell ppl from Modesto Stockton or Sacramento and will have those people taunt me but to actually try to harass me. How paranoid does this sound? I’m taking even bigger steps to solve this if you can help.  I wish I can have a three talk with luke and you but my mom who knows of my beliefs is scared and thinks I may be disabled mentally later. Honestly Susan the BIGGEST reason: over 10 years ago I saw a hearing device that lets you hear 90 feet away. If it’s 40-50 ok but 90 makes it easier to be stalked. Ever since then I’ve feared people would have that device, hear something I say or said to me even quietly and bother me based on what was heard.
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Hey, so is this hypothetical?  Hasn't actually happened to you?  Normally on a receipt, there is no identifying information.  That's on purpose for your protection.  And I have not heard of people having hearing devices to listen in on the average Joe's conversations.  Secret spies trying to save lives or take over a government, yes.  Like CIA.  But this is not something the average person would mess around with. No one really is ALL that interested in other random people.  Most people are busy worrying about themselves.  That's just my opinion.  
Do you have a lot of anxiety in general?
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Not sure what you're actually worried about, and it sounds like you're posting a conversation between you and people we can't know.  If you don't like getting trolled, stay off of social media.  People have survived the entire history of humanity without it until, well, now, so if you're worried about that you can easily avoid it.  But the fact of life is, some people aren't going to like you.  Some people are.  Some will love you.  Some will disagree with you.  If you wear a team jersey, it's just fun to trash talk you, and this is something else you can avoid by not wearing one.  We usually wear them because we want someone to trash talk us about it -- it's fun.  Can it go too far?  Anything can go too far, and these days because of social media if you put your life out there for anyone to see anyone will see it.  But even if it's just between you and schoolmates, well, there's always been some problems when you're around other people.  It's not new and it's not avoidable, but how much it bothers you is up to you.  And yeah, there are devices that listen in on you.  They're all over your house, probably, including your computer and your phone.  If we want to use this stuff, then unless we know how to disable these things people are going to hear.  Right now as I type this someone is monitoring this.  MedHelp is monitoring it, and if I say something that violates their rules, I hear about it.  They are watching me.  It's up to me how much it bothers me.  I'm guessing you know all this, so it seems you're worried about something very personal that you aren't saying clearly.  That's why Mom asked you about anxiety -- life is always going to be less than perfect.  Your neighbors know a lot about you just by hearing even when they're not listening, but this has always been true, people are gregarious animals, we tend to congregate, and therefore we know a lot about one another's business.  It doesn't bother us most of the time.  So what is it you're truly worried about?  
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