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Are there any spouses of OCPD patients?

OCPD, My husband has that. He had good job history during first nine year of marriage, Then came the tumble when he was kicked out. Our new business failed (neighboring store owner told me he never opened store and customers would come looking for the goods), too many retail job which he would quit or get kicked out or laid off. It is like his negative personality has bled into his life decision. He hates being told anything. Messes up time and again. He has become example of failure.  Anything he touches he messes up.

His health has detoriated. He even has back issue, diabetes, cholesterol. He hardly sleeps at night. He is always at edge. He has bad temper. He is not abusive. Just too stubborn. I can't get him to see any psychologist or take his pills.

I have very good job and no kids. But I feel depressed and my life quality has gone the drain. I even take pills to counter effect. Sometime I feel all joy has been sucked out of my life. We have been married for 17+ years. It was arranged marriage and love was not part of bargain. And it never happened between us. But I can't divorce him due to my religion. I don't know how to help him or myself anymore.
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