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Attraction to female cartoon characters

Hi everyone,

I like to share an abnormal and unusual story but before i do that, i wish to stress here that this story is something i do not do all the time 24/7 ... i have a job and have a budy schedule that involves some free time in my life. So this unusual story impacts mainly my free time (when i am not working, nothing else to do and things like that)

Heres my story: i (since i am male) have an attraction to female cartoon characters human and animal from movies and show some you might never even heard of and you can google it yourself  ... i could make up 2 pages worth of many characters coming to mind such as...

Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures
Gadget Hackwrench from TV show Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers
Sasha from All Dogs Go TO Heaven 2
Nala from Lion King
Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
Miss Bianca from The Rescuers Down Under
Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Lois Griffin from Family Guy
Perdita from 101 Dalmatians
Mrs Brisby from THE SECRET OF NIMH
Maid Marian from disneys ROBIN HOOD
minnie mouse
Daisy Duck
Lola Bunny from SPACE JAM
Sandy Cheeks from SPONGEBOB

....  yes this is quite a heavy list of all the characters i listed. Basically any of them (individually) i choose to watch on youtube (during my spare time of course), I feel an arousal from this character, and then i start to have my own vision (a self picture). of the character smiling and winking at me, then there's more physical arousal action that i rather not post here, as a whole reuslt of everything i described. So for instance, if im watching Vixey from "Fox and the Hound", i feel aroused, visualize her sitting on a giant rock smiling, winking her eye at me and giggling and more arousal action continues from there.

I realize that what ive explained is not normal but to dispel impressions, rumors and things like that, i have been in a normal human relationship before but bad histories .... being in love with female cartoon characters that dont exist in real life is like my escape.

Anyones honest thoughts?
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Well, how's your 'real life' romantic life? It's okay to have a fantasy life or attraction to 'off' things that others aren't into (although you aren't alone, I'm sure. They make those characters sexy for a reason). Unless it impacts your life in functional ways (you can't be with an actual real person because of it), then I'd not judge yourself for it.   People have fantasy thoughts and they are harmless. It doesn't mean you actually want to go on a date to Bob Evans with Daisy Duck. We have thoughts, things that excite us that may be a little weird but they are harmless. UNLESS you can't live a normal life because of it.
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