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Closed Head Injury, Subsequent Personality Change

Hello, everyone…

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, and looking forward to a positive and prosperous new year.

Back in the summer, I was smoking pot in a friend’s garage. At one point, I leaned over to pass the pipe to my friend, and my vision quickly clouded until I lost consciousness. Legs crossed in an office chair, I just tipped over when I passed out. I fell head first, hitting my head on the garage’s concrete flooring, after which I immediately seized.

Since then, there are some foods that taste different, and other things that no longer smell the way they once smelled.

But the bigger issue is that I have a sudden and urgent craving for pre-op transsexuals. This isn’t a fad or a shift in proclivities; mine is a relentless lust for people and sexual acts for which I never had even the faintest desire before I hit my head. I have insurance, but it sucks. My primary care physician said I seem okay, and that the brain can, over time, readjust the elasticity of this kind of experience.

I talked to my girlfriend about it - she just gave me the half-listening “uh huh” the whole time, and scored it with what seemed like a supportive tone.

Boy, did I misread THAT!

A week later, she sees pictures that I’ve saved to me phone; beautiful, glorious imagery of busty, curvy, feminine men with gorgeous peni. Just recalling those images makes my mouth water - a stark contrast to my feelings on others’ peni before I hit my head. Anyway, she said said images and I don’t need to spell out the rest of the evening. It was as unpleasant, to say the least.

So, bereft of any support network, I’m returning to MedHelp …and at this point, I must concede that I don’t actually have a question; but these new feelings and urges and desires are occasionally aggressive. And I now I see phallic symbols everywhere …and I love it.

I’ve not yet explored these newfound cravings, but fantasizing about bringing them to fruition seems to light a fire deep within my soul, and it fervently propels me to realize my cravings and urges.

Anyone else ever endure a similar experience? Did your personality change fade after a while? Or is there permanence in your personality change?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And again, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.
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Frankly, I'm less concerned about your sexual proclivities -- you have a girlfriend buy you're not married and I assume don't have kids together so if you want to go in a different direction it's a bummer for your girlfriend but not for you really -- and more concerned about your health.  Your primary care physician is of no help to you with this, so seeing him or her is a waste of your time.  You need to see a specialist to see if you're suffering from concussion syndrome and possible other problems with your brain.  When your personality changes this suddenly after a bad fall on your head, you need better help than a generalist can offer you.  Again, whatever you choose to do sexually is only of interest to you and your girlfriend and how much you actually want to keep your girlfriend.  Sudden changes in personality after hitting your head are the only thing that is of concern here and that needs to be pursued.  Peace.
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