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Constantly thinking of STDs and general illnesses

For some reason I have been overly obsessed how to protect myself from the slightest thing.
I realized that my paranoia is effecting my relationships with people and my own family.
If I feel the slightest itch pain tingle anything!! My mind shifts to very very dark places and i start thinking about it every single moment to the point where I really slack on all priorities.  
I once found a cut on my finger that i was not aware of and i literally started breathing heavy and collapsing thinking it was some sort of undiscovered disease and it was a cut..
I often directly jump to googling.
Is this sort of mental illness? I was mostly realting to OCD because every now and then I have something to worry about.. No joke.
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This isn't OCD, but it is an anxiety disorder.  Overly anxious people often worry themselves to death over every little thing, and tend to obsess over it.  It's pretty much what an anxiety disorder is.  Perhaps something happened when this started to trigger it.  It sounds like it might be time to see a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment and see if you can learn to stop this kind of thinking.  
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