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Conversion Disorder

My niece has been diagnosed with conversion disorder, she can no longer walk - is in a wheelchair  - and now is having trouble with her speech. She needs an in patient treatment facility and a doc that specializes in conversion disorder- does anyone have a recommendation? I've seen Dr. Pandya's name identified at Cleveland Clinic - can someone please tell me if he deals with adolescents?
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I live in Missouri and my 15 yr old son has been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. It started out like extreme Tourette's and now has turned into his arms and legs contract to his body. he can't move and his jaw is locked shut as well. it is very painful and his muscles burn because they are working against his body. He has to take Ativan or valium to release his muscles. They first thought it was a Dystonic reaction to a new ADHD medication, but it happened again a few months later and diagnosed him with Conversion Disorder. He is ADHD and does have anxiety issues as well that seem to build up. I am so lost, we have no  doctors  in our town that are very familiar with CD. Actually, my son's Psychiatrist told my son pretty much it is in his head and he is controlling it...I was appalled to say the least. my son doesn't want to go to the Dr. now because he doesn't want another Doctor to think he is making this up. we are lost, my son isn't getting the right helping tools he needs because we don't have anyone that understands this disorder. my son is mentally exhausted from this, it is embarrassing to him if he has one at school, or in front of his girlfriend. He is starting to feel like he is going crazy because he can't control his thoughts and anxiety at all. I hope you find some help, I keep looking on here for doctors that specialize in this and so far I have found none at all. good luck to you!
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I too have Conversion D/O (known also as Functional Neurological D/O)...I am also looking for a psychiatrist or treatment center for it!  The psychiatrist here in Texas don't really want to acknowledge it exists (they evade it).  I have had it since the '90s and am now getting older and I fear if I cannot find help I will have broken bones in my future because of the fact motor functions in my brain cause my legs to, well I walk like a drunk person falling everywhere!  I would gladly go to another state for treatment if I knew where to go.  I know it consists of hypnotism, psychotherapy and learning how to deal with stress !  
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