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Depression/Anxiety Physical Symptoms

Hi Everyone!

I've been struggling lately after processing through a recent divorce. My wife and I have been together for about 10 years and have two young children. I moved out around January 31st and was blessed with a bout of COVID prior to leaving, which was very mild.

Anyway, in the past few months my physical symptoms have been increasing and interfere with my daily life. I am fatigued often, my legs and arms shake, feel weak, feel stiff and spasm. I feel like I cannot workout, do simple things. I have no motivation and push myself most days around mundane tasks. I've cooked one meal since being in my new space, forget to eat often and have little interest in food. I get dizzy, feel like there's a constant lump in my throat, my sleep has been affected and I have muscle aches as well. I also noticed in the past few months ringing in my ears randomly and intense brain fog/trouble focusing. Not one thing is consistent, it all comes and goes. I also went away this past weekend with my new partner and essentially felt horribly ill, spent 1/2 of one day in bed convinced I was sick, only to feel better the next day. Sometimes I just genuinely feel like I'm getting sick and it resolves. This can also cause panic on my part which clearly doesn't help.

I've had issues with anxiety and physical symptoms years ago around another time of transition and my ex wife believes all of these to be manifestations of my anxiety/depression. I've been to my doctor, the ER and urgent care. All tests and blood work are normal. I had an MRI and more bloodwork years ago when I had others symptoms around auto immune disoders, etc. Nothing seemed to be irregular.

Of course I go to a place of "they must've missed something" because perhaps its easier than believing my mental health can do all of this.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Can this really all be nothing truly harmful or physical? How did you cope/what did you do to manage and dig out of this?
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I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly.  To be honest, you sound like yes, you are having symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Covid can have after symptoms but for someone that has had covid twice, I wouldn't go there to think you do.  There are other things going on and a history with you that would make me think more mental health.  What CAN you do? Well, what about digging into the mental health aspect?  A psychologist who does dbt/cbt therapy?  That form of therapy is more than just 'tell me about your day' but instead, helps you learn how to cope with big emotions and bad feelings, problem solve your thinking about things, set goals to move past it and become your old self again.  Medication also can make a huge difference for many.  Mental health most certainly can do all you describe.  Come back and talk some more and we'll discuss!
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I also just want to say that I'm sorry for what you've been going through.  It is a hard time in life right now for you.  
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