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Does anyone here not take medication?

This is my personal experience and I do not advise anyone to stop taking their medication without consulting their doctor. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective... which is a form of schizophrenia but with mood disorder. There wasn’t a specific forum for that so I chose schizophrenia. Anyway, I’ve taken several different types of medications. Before I took medications I did not have sleeping disorders, I did not have back pain, my memory was not crappy, and I did not have an iron deficiency. But after taking several different medications since I was 15(I am now 20)... I have those issues that I previously stated. Medications worsen my hallucinations, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. No schizoaffective is not the only illness Im diagnosed with. I got fed up with medication and asked my psychiatrist if I could try ECT(electroconvulsive therapy) and he said no just try this new medication. He gave me latuda. First week on it I had a psychotic breakdown. I said **** it and stopped taking all my medications. I feel much better now. Rarely ever have hallucinations, mood swings are still there thought not as bad, delusions are still there but I use several coping skills and it helps. Do any of you have schizophrenia/schizoaffective and not use medication? How do you cope?
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Group therapy meds the right ones I’m on my fourth try PTSD/Schizophrenia/anxiety /psychotic/ etc your not alone hope this helps
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It is important to know and understand the degree of any negative thought that you actually know is not true without supporting it to take on momentum. The situation becomes difficult when you do not know. But when you do realize that I should not be thinking like that or why am I thinking about that without sharing your thoughts with  others,  At that moment when you know you can seek help and be helped.  That is a good thing.
Sometimes we are perfectly normal and yet because of low confidence or low self esteem we doubt ourselves. But other times there are thoughts that bother us, want our attention so that we could pour energy into them, negative thoughts, unreal thoughts, thoughts that are not true. Those may need medications.  Personally I believe in healing through spiritual exercises like meditation and most importantly having someone as a guide *** friend to give you all the support or guidance you need. And other than that I believe in the healing nature of various herbs that have been used for long to help you to treat that negative thought.  For example i found Borage to be very good.  But it is given as a medicine along with many herbs as a combination.  And it is important to seek an experienced medical practitioner who deals with such treatment ( Unani medicine) Check the link to this tonic that i have had good results with and it is completely natural
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