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Help! Does my girlfriend have paranoid schizophrenia?

Hello all...I've been with my girlfriend for maybe 3 months and everything was great until she opened up about her past recently.  Apparently she went through a great ordeal over the last 2 years (which also resulted in divorce from her ex husband).  She claims she was "gangstalked" by some unknown (possibly govt) organization constantly, many people could read her mind.  If she was outside smoking, people would walk by her and cough purposely.  If she wore, for example, a green shirt to work, she'd see lots of these "actors" coming in there with the same color on just to "mess with her".  If she's sitting on the couch at my house and someone drives by and revs the engine, she thinks it's directed toward her just to agitate her, delusion of reference I presume.  Even went we went out of state on a mini vacation together, she told me that there were a few "followers" there too (supposedly she was thinking of a certain thing and then these people would say the same word while she walked by.  Other notable instances in her last 2 years were: Thinking cameras were everywhere watching her, even her phone camera which she kept tape over at one point....Thought her TV hypnotized her once...Heard a voice once which told her that "they" could still see her even if she covered her phone camera lens...Thought she was constantly followed by agents (usually in dark sunglasses) at stores she shopped at.  Thought cars with out of state plates would just be waiting on the highway shoulder to follow her once she got on...Thought birds and bees were possibly retrofitted with cameras to spy on her.....Claims some agent tapped directly into her mind once and forced her to answer 20 questions. etc

She is much better at this point but she still thinks people go into her house/car occasionally and move objects around.  Still thinks people talk about her life on radio/tv (in terms of mentioning first names of people she knows well, etc).  Still gets suspicious sometimes if she is out and sees someone wearing the same color shirt.   as her, and just other paranoid oddities based upon connecting things together where no real connection exists in reality. She's extremely sexual (ok ok this isn't exactly a problem lol just thought I'd mention), but also can be very jealous, constantly confronting me about an ex girlfriend of mine a few miles down the road from my house  who I have repeatedly assured her I have had no interest or even contact with for many months

She is currently on medication for depression/anxiety but that's it.  I'm wondering how to approach this whole situation and do what I can do best to get her the help she needs.  She believes without a shadow of a doubt that what she experienced over the last 2 years was very real.  I have though about leaving her but it'shard because I do love her.  Thanks!
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Sounds like paranoia does she have psychosis ? Lmk group therapy is great
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From what you wrote with her presuming coincidence as proof of persecution your girl friend sounds like she suffers from paranoid ideations.    I would be careful since it doesn't look like she is on antipsychotic meds.     IDK what to tell you since I know from  a woman friend who is paranoid its extremely hard to convince them they are sick.     OTOH If you really think  she could be danger to herself or others I'd see if I could commit her.   Good luck to you and your girlfriend,
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