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How do i handle stress

Ive posted here before about other things, and the help given was really helpful. but suddenly everything seems to be going down. In my last post, ive stated i had wonderful parents but recently things have gone down real fast. I live with my parents, so i feel im the only one in the family experiencing this all firsthand. i dont know what to do. Everything thats happened, then my school, my others issues, and overall life suddenly is against me. Im so tired. its all so sudden and during the worse part of my life. how or who can help me handle this. im just so tired. at this point im just venting, but i feel as if theres nothing that will help me make things better. i dont know who to go to.
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The last time you posted I suggested you need to look into mental health problems.  I don't know you or what's really going on, but in your last post you described a good life but you were crying a lot and sad and isolated and you didn't know why.  To admit you're having a rough time doesn't mean it's a done deal, you're young and resilient and I thought then and think now some visits with a psychologist might reassure you and maybe figure out why you feel the way you do.  Life will always have its high times and low times and then some really really low times.  When stuff sticks with you and you don't rebound well or when nothing all that bad is going on and you feel like it is, it could be depression, it could be insecurity, it could be lots of things but sometimes it's really hard to see ourselves the way we can others.  
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Here are some healthy ways you can deal with stress

Take care of yourself this is the most important step to get out of the stressful situation.

Make a plan for your schedule to eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of sleep. Spend time with close people to share your problems and how you are feeling.
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Hey, it's ok life is hard; it is for everybody so just take a deep breath and Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them without feeling guilty. just for the record, not all changes feel positive in the beginning so just hang in there and be kind to yourself.
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Clark587 gives good advice. I was going to say basically the same. I am new and haven't read your other posts, but no matter what, this is good advice. All I have to add is maybe you should look further into breathing.

It took me many years to not get angry at anyone who told me to "just breathe" or anything to that effect. It feels condescending. But it really isn't. It took me so many years to realize that breath is life and understand what that really means.

I would suggest you try breath work. Watch some videos about some simple yogic breathing techniques, learn to belly breathe, and try some simple meditation. You don't have to be good at visualization to mediate. I am not great at it but it is something you can work to develop. I only mention this because so many meditations guide you through visualizations, but there's other's where you simply mediate on your breathe or heartbeat. Honestly, I am a novice at this stuff, but it has really helped me cope. I hope this helps someone. Best of luck to you. And don't let anyone push you around, not even your parents. Just because they are your parents doesn't mean they aren't toxic. Again, I haven't read your other posts, so just take that for what it's worth. Your parents might be great. I thought mine were, but my mother had the proverbial wool pulled I over everyone's eyes. If it seems like you know a totally different version of someone that they work hard to not reveal to outsiders, that's a red flag. Alright, that's all I got. I wish you luck.

And if you do in fact have good parents: CHERISH THEM! Not everyone gets so lucky.
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