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I need to talk about recent events with someone. Please

Just to start off with some background information, I am 20 years old and my boyfriend is 23. We have been together almost 6 years and he is my everything. I knew that before previous events but now seeing what I have seen my love has grown even stronger than I knew. He has a history of accusing me of doing things that I would never do however he hasn't accused me in the past few years. However, all the sudden he accused me again, after several days of arguing he broke down and really really truly apologized for all the hurt he may have ever caused me and it seemed so sincere. Later that night (I thought everything has fine and happy) he called stating his parents had drugged him and he was afraid (his parents are very kind and would never do such a thing) his mom took him to the hospital were he become agitated and eventually went to behavioral help. I got to visit him yesterday and he just wasn't the same. He was watching things and taking ways the normal him would not (I have known him 6 years and I'm with him a lot so this was hard to see). He is extremely paranoid that people aren't telling him all the information and that people are out to get him. I thought he may have undergone psychosis but does any one have any insight? He hasn't been diagnosed yet but I am becoming very sad, he is 3 hours away from school and I am taking summer classes in college driving to vist him daily and I'm going to have to drop out of my classes because I need to be with him more. Thanks to whoever reads this, I really need an outside source to talk to. thank you.
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