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Is bi-polar genetic?

So my mom recently tried to commit suicide and was sent to an institution and diagnosed bi-polar. She is doing much better now on medication. With that being said there is also two or three other women along her family tree with this disorder, is it genetic? I can remember the things my mother did that affected me as a child and I can see that sometimes I do the same things, like blowing up over nothing, mood shifts so fast, depression. My mom used to be a bit violent as well towards us and I fear that I too will end up that way.

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It is possible that bi-polar disorder is genetic, but it is not a guarantee. If you are really worried about it I would recommend talking to a doctor and just trying to keep an eye on these things you say you see yourself doing that your mother does. Of course, with those things, it could have just been the result of being raised by someone who was undiagnosed...and learning/acting out their behaviors. I hope this helps a little bit.
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Bi-Polar disorder is known to stay in the family. It is a possibility that you might be bi-polar if an imidiate family member suffered the same disorder. Luckily, there are many ways of treating this. I would go to the doctor for proper diagnosis.
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Yes, it is genetic. Both my mom and I have it, and my sister is borderline bipolar. You can always checked for this and the least they'll do is put you on medications and maybe therapy. Having bipolar is really not that bad when you're on medication. Half the time I forget I even have it.
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This is an interesting article on NIMH about the genetic linkage of bipolar. For the most part from what I've read or heard, it is genetic but not 100% likely that just because one of your parents has it, that you will DEFINITELY get it. It increases your chances of getting it but again I am the only one among my 3 siblings who got bipolar from my dad who suffers from manic depression himself. my other two siblings are perfectly fine and normal so don't beat yourself up over it. Each individual is different and we all have our unique stress tolerating levels so maybe it won't affect you. Maybe the things that your mom did or put you through will make you a stronger person by grooming you what not to do and how to better control those rage issues.

In the end, I wouldn't worry too much about it rather concentrate on your mental well-being and try to enjoy life as much as you can. Having an active healthy routine, support system (family and friends) will help you out and having faith.

Good luck to you and my prayers certainly go out to you, I hope you're never inflicted with any kind of mental illness and fight your odds. You know you're strong and capable and remember, life is tough for majority people, illness or no illness so don't focus too much on your past or your mom's behavior. center yourself and do things that have always worked for you!
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In my personal experience yes. My mother is diagnosed with chronic depression and my father was bipolar I, and so am I.
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The short answer is yes, it is genetically based,
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If you have both parents with bipolar there is a 75% chance you will inherit the disease. If there is one parent with bipolar that falls to around 24%.
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