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Is it possible to receive effective Structural Family Therapy online?

Hi there,  I'd like to know if receiving effective Structural Family Therapy online is possible. I'm interested in getting therapy for my family, but I want to remain discrete, so it's inconvenient for us to attend in-person sessions. I'd like to know if online therapy can be as effective as in-person sessions. Could you help me understand if online Structural Family Therapy can be effective in helping my family?
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I guess it may partly depend on what your goals are, and how the rest of your family feels about it. You could talk to one or two therapists and see if they think your expectations are a good fit with what they feel they can offer.
When I was a pre-teen and a teen, my family did some in-person therapy sessions, and I think it was helpful for me and for my siblings, even today, because we learned new ways of approaching relationships, conflict, etc, which we really needed because even though my parents tried, they hadn't had perfect models themselves, either.
We had a good counselor. She was professional and gentle and patient with all of us, and went out of her way to help us work through our problems ourselves, to establish those healthy patterns.
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Thanks for that input. That's helpful
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I think this is a personal thing. My son does well with online therapy. Because of scheduling, it is so convenient. He, however, shows his mood. He's done therapy laying face down on his bed with the camera facing the ceiling and not saying much of anything. But his psychologist said that this is a good window into what is REALLY going on which they lose when they come into the office. For family therapy, it might be hard. They have different types. One, they come to your house and get a feel of all that goes on there. Others are with the patient and one or two parents. Sometimes it is with each member individually. I do know people that don't feel virtual works for them or their kids. But I think it is worth it to try!
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Yes, online therapy works just as well as in person most of the time. It's a great option for scheduling, too.
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