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Moving to a Different Area

I have been doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for my ADHD and Anxiety since middle of September of 2020. Right now, my therapy office is 14 minutes away from me. Very soon I will be moving to a place that is an hour and 20 minutes away from my therapy office. Generally I meet with my therapist every week to do CBT, so I'm wondering should I move to a therapist that's closer in my area or should I stick to the therapist that I have? I generally am dependent on Uber, Taxi Companies, since I don't have a car and my family does not drive me to therapy. What should I consider when thinking of each option? Thanks!
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I guess I would ask, how is it going?  Usually CBT doesn't take that long.  It's usually a short course.  When it takes a long time, it might mean it's not working and a new therapist might not be a good idea.  I don't know anything about the ADHD part with CBT, so I'm guessing that's a different kettle of fish, but for anxiety, it's usually "supposed" to work in a shorter period of time than talk therapy, which can take much longer or even a lifetime.  But that would be my first question, do you think this therapist is really doing the trick for you.  Because that's a long commute for a short session.  If it were me, I'd find another therapist just because you have other things to do and might end up missing part or all of many sessions, but you get to decide.  Sometimes you find just the right therapist and that makes it harder, because it's hard to find a therapist that actually helps us not need to see one anymore because we've fixed our problem.  
Yeah I'm honestly thinking that I should go to another therapist since I do not want to be driving for a long time. I think my therapist has been doing a good job so far though. They told me that my ADHD was most likely severe, so I'm guessing that is why treatment has been taking longer?
I really don't know, as I don't know of CBT being used for that problem.  It might be used for the things that go along with it.  If it's severe, it might need medication, but I also know that condition is one of the most over and under diagnosed ones out there, which means it must be difficult to tell if that's the actual problem or not.  Medication is also often used for it.  
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I think for pragmatic reasons you should seek a new CBD therapist.  Can your current therapist recommend a different therapist.  How do you feeling about asking?
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