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Suicide Treatment

my daughter in law is 22 years old and has 2 kids 4 & 3, a few days ago she a whole bottle of anti-depression medicine. she was taken to the local hospital and was out for about two days, Tests on her organs came out fine. she came to yesterday. a psychiatric group went to see her and she said that she indeed try to harm herself. My question: What is the protocol for a suicide attempt. we were told that she was REQUIRED to go to a pysch ward for a few days for an evaluation. is this true? Also, can the psyche hospital keep her without her permission? she has very good insurance thru her father's job. Is there a risk that may keep her against her will, if their is papers sign. Also, is she required to go for the "few days" evaluation that she was told about, and if so can she leave after the evaluation on her own free will. and does her father have the right to confine her, if he feels she needs in patient treatment, even if she doesnt want to stay.
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Yes. Attempted suicide patients indeed require an evaluation on the psych ward for a few days. Its protocol. Actually, the hospital can be held accountable if they allow her to leave and she does commits suicide or does something worse to herself. When she goes in for evaluation, the doctor on the psych ward determines the best course of treatment for her. She can be held 'against her will' if they state that she is a danger to herself and others.

xoxoxo Anna
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hi im so sorry i dont know how the system works...and i cant even begin to imagine what your going through...i just read over your post,and although it may count for nothing my thoughts and prayers are with you,your family and your daughter in law x
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thank you lisa
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thank you
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just saying hello hun and thinking of you
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