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Therapy not working

I'm going to a cognitive behavioral therapist but I find that It is not helping. Every time I stop going I end up depressed again.
How can this stop?
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It's not time top stop going then.  Therapy can't be rushed.  It's also possible the therapist you chose isn't right for you.  It's possible CBT isn't the right form of therapy for you -- it's the gold standard for anxiety, insofar as there is one and there really isn't, but depression can be a different can of worms.  Sometimes there are actual issues there that need to be addressed, and a pure CBT therapist doesn't deal in that, they only deal in teaching you about cognitive distortions, give you affirmations, teach you some relaxation techniques, and then force you to do what you've been avoiding.  It's not easy to do, as it takes hard work, and again, if your problems are completely depression and not anxiety, there isn't necessarily something you're avoiding to face.  The reason CBT is so well regarded is that most of us never do find out anything that happened in our lives that caused our problem, but maybe you're an exception.  Keep in mind that therapy, like medication, has really bad results when studied which is why there are so many different meds and so many different types of therapies and so many different therapists all doing it in a way that's different from everyone else doing it -- there's no supervisor.  There's no body regulating what everyone is doing.  So just keep trying.  But if your therapist is helping until you stop, that's basic -- it's not time to stop yet, you haven't fixed it yet.  Keep trying.  Those of us who stopped trying got old and stayed sick.  Don't do that.  Peace.
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