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genetic question

My particular depression/anxiety is genetic.I am disabled and my siblings tend to call allot for support. I used to work
in the medical field so they think I have all the answers.I don't mind at least they call.My question is based on my
older sister's recent behavior.She was unable to reach me by phone and could not reach anyone else.Now every lives several states apart, like a 3 day drive.My sister unable to talk to anyone winds up calling a local world famous research center and got the research scientists all riled up because they had no clue who she was and she was crying so hard.I am surprised the place didn't call the authorities to investigate.My one brother just got into an assisted living, residential facility as a result of this disability getting worse..The rest of us remaining siblings are worried this is our path in life.I have been doing the family tree and trying to locate people related to clarify medical questions but I get allot of not reliable sources contacting me with nonsense.I am wondering if anyone can offer suggestions or ideas on avoiding this type of future.
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It is definitely genetic but it doesn't mean that everyone will get it.  It is hit and miss and sometimes it skips generations.  As far as I know there is nothing you can do to stop it but there are likely scientists looking into it.  I am bipola my brother is as well.  My mom suffers from borderline personality disorder but my three sisters do not have any mood disorders and are able to function in life pretty well.  One of my aunts is bipolar and one has anxiety but the other two are fine.  That is about the extent of my knowledge about my family but like I said it doesn't get everyone.
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