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how can I deal with a 34 year old narcissist son ?

My son was born with CF and had a double lung transplant 13 years ago. He is considered disabled and draws Medicare and Medicaid. He doesn't receive enough $ to live on and cant work so he lives with us. He has grown into violent narcissism. To the EXTREME. Sometimes its almost unbearable. any advice is appreciated.
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This is just me but gosh, his illness stole his life. Heck, it stole yours too. Dang CF. Does he have any passions? Narcissism is something many want to attribute to people in arm chair diagnosing situations but it's pretty rare. Well, 5% have this. It's a personality disorder and it can be brought on by trauma as having such an illness would. And lung transplant. He may really be depressed actually. Read the signs of narcissism. Is he grandiose in his thinking of himself and about his future success? https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/9742-narcissistic-personality-disorder  Is there 'anything' else in terms of arrangements that would work? You mention violence. That can't be tolerated. Is he hurting family members? Could you get him a small apartment to live off site?
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