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manic friend

My friend appears to be in a constant manic state. She has been awake for three days, talkative, hyper, bouncing off the walls really but this is constant. She will sleep a couple hours a week and the rest of the time she's bouncing off the walls. Her mind in constantly bouncing here to there. She doesn't seem to crash. She doesn't appear to have bipolar disorder because she doesn't crash. She doesn't stop. Constant mania. She'll take long wals without thinking how to get home. She'll make extra work for herself to keep from sitting down. She's constantly talking and has no idea time. She can't be on time because her mind is moving to fast to focus and remember she needs to finish something or be somewhere. She's currently working 72 hours with no sleep and has barely eaten food but she's still hyper and doesn't stop talking. This is her normal. Always.

  What could be her disorder?
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Impossible for an untrained person over the internet to diagnose her.  We would be guessing.  She'd have to talk to a doctor or psychiatrist to get any idea what she might have.  She should definitely see a doctor about it because that long without sleep is not good even though she feels great.  Been there, done that during several of my manic stages.  You always crash eventually.  If it is mania, this is really bad for her brain.
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It sounds like mania , ive been manic before and been in similar position. You should bring her to you A&E department as mania left untreated can last 3-6 months and can be very severe and cause alot of problems
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