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wife with depression

I am in need of help.

I suspect my wife has depression, because she has suffered with it before in the form of pnd. Earlier in the year approx April 2014, she had a Merina coil fitted for contraception and at first things seemed ok.

However, as time has passed cracks in our relationship seem to be forming and driving us apart. From the start of the year, she began working in a nursing home on nights 3 - 4 nights a week. I was a bit dubeous at first as we have 2 young children and I didn't want their home life effected. After an argument we had a few weeks ago (in sep I felt like walking out and leaving) she decided to give it up. Our argument was to do with her change in personality which she couldn't see, whereby she had become very distant whilst at home.

Now however, things are far worse, she can barely sit in the same room as me. Never makes advances in the way of a personal affection, and although I have told her how I feel, she either makes excuses for it or ignores the issue altogether. She has also become irritable with our children and is distant from all of us.

As a side though, she has become extremely friendly with a woman she met in June, who is slightly older (my wife is 28, her friend is 40) who, gets as much affection and attention she can handle. She does have 2 children of her own who are a similar age to ours, who she quite clearly favours whenever we are altogether. This is something even my 7 year old son notices as he told me a few days ago he felt his mummy didn't love him anymore.

I feel that whenever I point these issues out to her and we argue over it,she then becomes even more distant and secluded.

She does have an appointment with our gp this week to discuss this, but I was after support because I feel so alone in this. Im losing sleep, sanity, appetite, and don't know when it ends or how to support her.

Any feedback or answers are welcome.

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Get Family THERAPY!!! You can't continue this dysfunctional existence. If your wife doesn't want to go because of stigma- tell her it's just for you and you would like her to be there to help you. She may be going through a major life change that she feels she can't divulge to you and feels blocked in.
See if she will talk about her new friend. Your GP isn't going to help unless he suggests therapy.
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