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I need an urgent response...

Hello people, i have a brother born in 1996...He has a big mole in the left part of his face... It appeared in his face by birth only, with reasons unknown...The mole is big black in colour... Parents thought it risky and tried to consult a doctor... Proper consult and cure was unavailable... I urgently need some proper and practical response... Please treat my writing seriously... If i get a response, I will write more... Please help ... PLease..
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I don't understand the problem. Have you taken him to a dermatologist? That is the proper person to diagnose his condition. What did the doctor you went to say it was?
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He has undergone surgery... And some skin from his thigh area is taken and put in the face to cover that black thing... But like, its not properly put and it looks weird when you see that...If you want, i can send you photos...but thing is I cannot do it over internet where everyone can see...
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