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Question about exposure

I worked in a building for 25 years with asbestosis falling on us all the time. Two years ago started having trouble with coughing and shortnessof breath. I went to see a pulmonologist and he was not interested. He did a CT scan and said it was normal. He laughed when I told him about the asbestos. Should I get a second opinion?
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Hi James,

In my opinion, it is always worth receiving a second opinion. I know mesothelioma diagnosis often goes unnoticed so it is always worth a shot! You ought to let me know how it turns out. God bless ya!
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Hello, James,

Yes, a second opinion would be a wise choice given your 25 years of potential asbestos exposure. An experienced pulmonologist wouldn't laugh at 25 years of exposure; so make sure to stress how long and extensive your exposure may have been at a future appointment.

Anyone with a history of occupational asbestos exposure should get regular physical exams to check for signs of asbestos-related disease. At the first sign of lung effects, a doctor should order an X-ray and other imaging scans like CT, PET or CAT.

Best of luck to you.
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