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asbestos exposure symptoms

I was exposed to asbestos 10 years ago. 3 years ago I started experiencing symptoms suddenly - chest pain, hoarseness, trouble swallowing. The symtoms went away apart from a dull ache to my right side at the bottom of my ribs. All the scans I had including a PET scan were clear. I still have the dull ache. Now & again I get slightly breathless & recently my skin has been itchy, particularly in the area of my dull ache. Has anyone else experienced similiar symptoms, & what does it all mean? How long will it be before this turns to cancer? Is it possible that I can get all these symptoms from asbestos exposure, but it never turns into cancer? The medical profession play ignorant on the issue. As far as theyre concerned the scans are clear........there's no issue, nothing more to discuss..get on with your life!!
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Am in kind of the same situation. I'm also feeling the dull ache behind my ribs.. on both sides instead of one.
Any info you would like to share related to the actual exposure? How long were you exposed? What were you doing during the exposure?

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I cut through a door with an electric saw, & discovered later that it had an asbestos board within the core of the door. I cut the door outside & it was left outside for a few weeks before I realised what was in it. Im sure my symptoms are due to the exposure, but dont know what this all means to my future..& whether its possible to get these pains, but it never turns into cancer. How long have you had your symptoms & have you been able to get any reassurances?
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My boyfriend was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma after 40 years of exposure to asbestos in France when he worked there as a painter. With exposure to asbestos, the latency period is too long that before you are diagnosed with cancer arising from asbestos exposure, it is already late.
Since you are feeling symptoms this early and your doctor said nothing to worry about, he is right. Developing to cancer takes from 30-or more years, in my bf's case, 40 years and he smoked too.

I suggest that you lead a healthy life. Try to google search "miracle drink" and see if it will help you healthy. Good luck to you.
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Cheers. Many thanks for the advice.
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Exactly, the mesothelioma cancer takes and avg. of 15 years to detect.
The diagnosis includes computed tomographies (CT) and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Due the fact that the early stages of this cancer's symptoms are "generic" is really difficult to determine that you have contracted this disease.

The most common opening symptoms include chest pain and dyspnea. The pain is usually dull, diffuse and localized primarily in the upper abdomen and shoulder scapular region due to its initial implementation in diaphragmatic pleura, from which later spreads to the entire pleural surface.


But, as usual, you should not conform yourself with opinions from stranges in the internet, go to see another doctor to see if he gives you a different diagnosis.

Good luck, George.-
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