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Methadone & UDS

I know this is not an exact science, but I would like some advice. If someone took 30 of the 5mg tablets on June 2, 3, & 4th and has a possible UDS on the 18th of July which means it has been right at 6 weeks or 44 days, will the Methadone show up in the UDS? or if you took some how long was it before your UDS was clean?
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I know the answer, but I am not telling you. Take your medicine responsibly, like the way it was prescribed to you in the first place. Unfortunately it looks like you don't want methadone to show up in your system, which means it probably wasn't prescribed. If you are an addict please get some professional help. Please don't continue to be one of those people who make up a part of the problem which makes it harder and harder for legitimate patients to obtain the medicines that we so desperately need. It's time to put "your big girl pants on" and grow up.
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i can't tell you for sure.. but i can tell you methadone takes alot longer to get out of your system completely rather then say vicodin or other pain killers, but 6 weeks with not taking methadone my guess would be you should be pretty clean.. but im no dr im just going by what i've read! hope for the best!!
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