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Methadone vs suboxen

I'm sure there have been other postings on here asking this very same question but I couldn't seem to find a direct answer...
After 8 years on the methadone program, I finally decided to detox and get off! I came on this site back in February with the plan to detox on my own at home since my clinic wouldn't help me get off. I did well for awhile, until my family and I made a big move across the country! Then of course I gave myself an out "for all the things I had to do, I had to have energy right?" (Addict thinking)
Anyways, now that I'm here in AZ and at a wonderful new clinic; I've been detoxing 5mg a week. I started at 105 and am down to 50. And except for being tired and lazy, I feel ok!
My question is, once I get down to 20-30mg, should I continue to taper slowly, OR should I switch to suboxen? Anyone have any experience with this? Of course as an addict, I'm looking to endure the least amount of pain as possible!
I'm looking to hear some success stories and would love to hear about your journey.
I wish I would have stayed on this site and made some new friends so I'd have someone while going thru this but of course, I was ashamed when I started raising my dose again so I stopped communicating all together :(
Well, this time I'm not going anywhere and I'm more determined than ever. Although I have 3 kids, my husband and I decided I would not work until I succeed with this detox so I'm not on a time limit, and I'm able to lay around (to a certain extent), and feel lazy or ill. (Thank god for my wonderful, understanding husband)!!
Looking forward to hearing from you!!!
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