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OK I have to give a yell for myself......

Counting on 73 days off of Methadone...Sorry I had to post before 75 days I just could not wait. It is kind of unreal it seemed so hard 73 days ago to get to this place. And by no means has it been a easy trip but I'm happy to be here. I am happy to be free of having to pain Pills and feeling bad about myself for not handling life ...Glad to be free of it all

Thank You everyone
Loves Rhea
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well done (",) hopefully i'll be in your shoes in 73days time too :-) can't wait
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Hey, how did you do it? I am coming off methadone as well, I came from 80mg to 47mg is where I am now and although I havent had any problems to this point I am starting to get scared the lowr I get...... I am coming down 3mg a week and thought when I got to 25 or 20 or whenever I do start to feel anything to stop, stabilize, and then come down slower 1mg a week if need be..... Just interested in how you did it and how hard it was. I can handle hard but, I'm an addict and always will be and just dont want to use...REGARDLESS. Please write me back... Thanks...
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