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The only question I guess is what do you all think? This is long I warn you, if your in a hurry, bypass reading it! I was transferring from a clinic I was on only 6 months because they was the only one that accepted medicaid I had just got for a disability.. I was transferring back to a clinic I had been a patient 10 years, and had all clean drops and on a phase 4 and I attended just twice a month. So I have 17 years of good stability. I came from another state with 7 yrs of clean drops to this same clinic, My last morning at the one I was leaving, I had my lock box with two empty bottles stolen out of car. The clinic I was leaving said I needed to talk to Doctor who was only there at the end of the week. I told them to go ahead a transfer me due to financial, the one I was going to was 13 miles closer and two dollars a day cheaper.I had just left that clinic only 6 months ago. Now they will not reinstate my 3 times a week from the medicaid clinic because I did not return two empty bottles the day I was due to transfer. Even after proof from police, that they were at my house and was aware of the theft of empty bottles with my name on them. So I feel like my privacy was violated because I had to notify police. There was no medicine in them, I was not back early to try to dose. I have 17 years of clean UA drops with no rules broken until this episode. Do you all think this is unfair to not consider my stability on the program before? I live 50 miles away from clinic, I have a 8 yr old car, I am disabled due to Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia, and chronic Hepatitis C. I feel like this was out of my control and I did as I was told and got police proof even though they laughed at me for trying to report something that was no value, and still did not get take homes I transferred with. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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